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  • Rodent Activity

    21 Mayfair St, Roxbury, Ma, 02119

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    3 coyotes running around street please have animal control remove coyotes

    CLOSED #101005385824

    Case Resolved. An officer went by and was unable to locate the coyotes. DG.

  • Streetlights

    450 458 Brookline Ave, Boston, Ma, 02115

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    Streetlight are out

    CLOSED #101005385823

    Resolved. Replace new photo eye.

  • Construction Debris

    653 E Sixth St, South Boston, Ma, 02127

    still no permit and equiptment left outside | Construction debris: [Equiptment] Exact location: [on property]

    CLOSED #101005385822

    Noted. Citation has been issued at location for occupying city street without a valid permit posted.

  • Catchbasin

    69 Evans St, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

    The storm drain at the corner of 69 Evans Street is filled with debris and water cannot drain when it rains. Needs to be cleaned to prevent flooding. | Type of request: [Cleaning]

    OPEN #101005385816
  • Illegal Parking

    153 W Third St, South Boston, Ma, 02127

    Image submitted with report

    Parked in tow zone

    CLOSED #101005385807

    Duplicate of Existing Case.

  • Graffiti Removal

    202 Warren Ave, Roxbury, Ma, 02116

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    Paint on the street. This is not chalk.

    OPEN #101005385806
  • Poor Conditions of Property

    39 Worcester Sq, Roxbury, Ma, 02118

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    This home always has trash accumulating behind it (the alley behind 39 Worcester square). Unhoused people hang out there some afternoons, trash seems to follow. It is likely not the homeowner putting trash there and they are dealing with a symptom of the city's failure at Mass and Cass

    CLOSED #101005385805

    Noted. Loose trash all over the rear of property, a citation was issued and recommended that the property be cleaned up.

  • Illegal Parking

    17 Wildwood St, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

    Illegal parking

    CLOSED #101005385804

    Case Resolved. Thank you for contacting Boston 311. A citation has been issued.

  • Illegal Parking

    29 Wildwood St, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

    Illegal parking

    CLOSED #101005385803

    Case Resolved. Thank you for contacting Boston 311. 2 hour parking is 8am-6pm. after that, it's free parking.

  • Requests for Street Cleaning

    Intersection Of E Springfield St And Harrison Ave, Roxbury, Ma

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    There's some people hanging out of this corner earlier right now there's a bunch of trash between here and the light at Mass Ave

    CLOSED #101005385802

    Resolved. Sidewalk clear no code enforcement violation at this time.



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