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  • Dead Animal Pickup

    41 Westford St, Allston, Ma, 02134

    Dead rat found between the curb and walking-way next the 39 Westford St driveway

    OPEN #101005075420
  • Other

    15 Newbury St, Boston, Ma, 02116

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    Homeless man yelling at pedestrians shouting at them to “get off his sidewalk”. He’s wearing denim jacket, denim shorts and sunglasses.

    OPEN #101005075419
  • Illegal Parking

    Intersection Of Cresthill Rd And Parsons St, Brighton, Ma

    Car parked in tow zone. Makes it very difficult to exit street.

    OPEN #101005075418
  • Illegal Parking

    26 Alpha Rd, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

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    This motorcycle is still parked outside my house. Street cleaning has happened twice now in September and it hasn't moved. It was given a ticket last week, which disappeared, and the motorcycle is still here. If I leave my car during Street cleaning I get towed immediately and yet an illegally parked vehicle is somehow here for a month. Thank you

    OPEN #101005075413
  • Other

    Intersection Of Causeway St And N Washington St, Boston, Ma

    Constituent reports grid lock traffic at this location. Constituent reports there is usually a detail cop at this location to prevent this issue. | Case (SR) Type: [BPD: Traffic/Parking] Referred To: [POLICE: AREA A-1]

    OPEN #101005075417
  • Other

    544 Commercial St, Boston, Ma, 02109

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    Please enforce no dogs.

    OPEN #101005075412
  • Requests for Street Cleaning

    723 E Second St, South Boston, Ma, 02127

    Mattress blocking side walk for two weeks Has no been pickup or removed in front 723 East Second street

    OPEN #101005075409
  • Other

    235 Adams St, Dorchester, Ma, 02122

    Our garbage was not picked up today. Our address is 1452 Dorchester Ave but our trash is picked up on the Adams St side of the building across from St. Ambrose church.

    OPEN #101005075406
  • Other

    90 Mount Pleasant Ave, Roxbury, Ma, 02119

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    This will create a slip and fall. Please inform homeowner.

    OPEN #101005075405
  • Other

    173 W Seventh St, South Boston, Ma, 02127

    Several Air conditioners needed to be picked up

    OPEN #101005075404



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