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  • Construction Debris

    24 Homestead St, 6, Dorchester, Ma, 02121

    condo bldg, pwner of unit 6 replaces his water heater, dumped the old one in the rear. Won't arrange for pick up | Construction debris: [water heater] Exact location: [rear in the yard]

    CLOSED #101005465720

    Noted. Was cited for build up of trash and construction debris.

  • Construction Debris

    8 Hyde Park Ave, 1, Jamaica Plain, Ma, 02130

    Constituent reports stone blocks that were left in a pile on the street in front of Klassy Kuts. Constituent reports that people stack the stones up and it poses a serious hazard to pedestrians if the stones fall. | Construction debris: [Stone blocks] Exact location: [Sidewalk]

    CLOSED #101005465392

    Resolved. Stones have been placed in for collection.

  • Construction Debris

    329 Bunker Hill St, Charlestown, Ma, 02129

    Construction debris: [Fulling dumpster .] Exact location: [Construction depris out the window onto the sidewalk]

    CLOSED #101005464128

    Resolved. No enforcement violation found at this time. Spoke to project manager all permits are up to date.

  • Construction Debris

    323 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, Ma, 02115

    Constituent states that the dust and debris from the contractors is not being properly mitigated and is starting to cover the surrounding houses. | Construction debris: [Dust] Exact location: [The dust covers the surrouding area according to the constituent including decks and car windows of neighboring properties]

    CLOSED #101005463800

    Noted. No code enforcement violation was found at this time clear.

  • Construction Debris

    168 Endicott St, Boston, Ma, 02113

    Constituent states contractors left equipment on the sidewalk | Exact location: [sidewalk]

    CLOSED #101005463300

    Resolved. Construction equipment has proper permitting to remain on city street.

  • Construction Debris

    94 Mount Hope St, Roslindale, Ma, 02131

    Fuel oil tank, with colorant. Placed out in yard about 2 feet from dividing fence. Constituent says you can smell the oil from the tank, has been about there for about 2 weeks now. There is also regular trash covering the yard as well that blows into neighboring yards. | Construction debris: [Hot water heater- 275 gallon oil tank] Exact location: [side of home closest to 80 mount hope]

    CLOSED #101005463104

    Resolved. Violation issued for loose trash and debris around property.

  • Construction Debris

    4 8 Franklin St, Allston, Ma, 02134

    Contractor dug up sidewalk and left this dangerous mess. Please can you fix or put metal plate or get permit to move sidewalk. |

    CLOSED #101005461426

    Noted. Citation has been issued at location.

  • Construction Debris

    2583 Centre St, West Roxbury, Ma, 02132

    Homeowner debris obstructing sidewalk |

    CLOSED #101005461349

    Noted. No code enforcement violation found at this time sidewalk is clear.

  • Construction Debris

    66 Chiswick Rd, Brighton, Ma, 02135

    CC masonry is working at 70 Chiswick Road . They are dumping dangerous construction debris in our yard as you can see in the picture below, not following protocols of discarding construction debris, and leaving. also leaving dangerous cords running throughout our building for people to trip on also not following protocols. |

    OPEN #101005460958
  • Construction Debris

    21 Ellington St, Dorchester, Ma, 02121

    A fire happened on 12/24/2023 at 21 Ellington st. As of 5/13/2024, a large amount of building debris from the fire is pilled up on the side of the building and some of it is on the neighboring building. Constituent is requesting Code Enforcement to inspect the property and ticket the owners for leaving out burned construction debris. | Construction debris: [Remenants of a house from a fire] Exact location: [Located on the side of the building, some debris on the neighboring building]

    CLOSED #101005460921

    Noted. No code enforcement violation found at this time, property is being maintained at the moment.



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