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  • Trash on Vacant Lot

    18 Wiget St, 1, Boston, Ma, 02113

    Lots of trash and empty liquor bottles and vomit in open parking spot property of 18 Wiget Street. People also frequently do drugs in same spot. Public health and safety concerns for local residents. Thank you. |

    CLOSED #101005171415

    Resolved. Sidewalk clear no code enforcement violation at this time.

  • Trash on Vacant Lot

    780 Gallivan Blvd, Dorchester, Ma, 02122

    Santandar property has a lot over the black fence which has unkept grass and tall weeds, trash and filthy lot. They has refused to do anything about it and they are not being responsible for the land which they own. Can something else be done about this? my email is included and thank you for looking into this. |

    CLOSED #101005129706

    Resolved. Violation issued for loose trash and debris around property.

  • Trash on Vacant Lot

    615 Albany St, Roxbury, Ma, 02118

    615 Albany St was recently sold by BMC and BU to a private company. It has been vacant for over a month. An encampment has been set up on the side of the building and looks as if a person or people are sleeping there. Could you please look into this situation? Also, on the other side of the building on E. Brookline St there is a needle and a bit of rubbish. |

    CLOSED #101005107237

    Noted. No code enforcement violation was found at this time active construction site.

  • Trash on Vacant Lot

    29 Clarence St, 3, Roxbury, Ma, 02119

    Trash barrel Recycling bin |

    CLOSED #101005092971

    Resolved. No violation found at time of inspection. Address given is to a house not a vacant lot.

  • Trash on Vacant Lot

    100 City Hall Plz, Ste C, Boston, Ma, 02108

    The sidewalk that follows Albany street out of chinatown along the side of 93 that eventually connects to the south boston underpass adjacent to the ink block has a good amount of trash that needs to be removed. |

    CLOSED #101005092754

    Duplicate of Existing Case. need better address.

  • Trash on Vacant Lot

    Intersection Of Woolson St And Goodale Rd And Blue Hill Ave, Mattapan, Ma

    What is the nature of the problem: [constituent reports fence in lot down]

    CLOSED #101005091034

    Resolved. No violation found at this time by code inforcement.

  • Trash on Vacant Lot

    10 Woolson St, Mattapan, Ma, 02126

    What is the nature of the problem: [There is all kinds of trash/debris outside and inside of vacant lot. Can this issue be addressed.]

    CLOSED #101005075175

    Noted. Sent to dpw for removal no evidence found.

  • Trash on Vacant Lot

    18 Wiget St, 1, Boston, Ma, 02113

    Hello - a homeless person left belongings in the lot next to our apartment. We have already had a needle pickup, and now need the additional items removed (clothes, bag, alcohol bottles, etc.). The lot is located right next to the building at 18 wiget st. thank you very much for your assistance. |

    CLOSED #101005063219

    Noted. No code violations found at above address.

  • Trash on Vacant Lot

    95 97 Robey St, Dorchester, Ma, 02125

    What is the nature of the problem: [Next 95 Robey Street there is a vacant Lot that is filled with trash/debris & overgrown grass/weeds.]

    CLOSED #101005054361

    Resolved. Citation issued for loose trash and debris and overgrown weeds.

  • Trash on Vacant Lot

    3 Alpine St, Roxbury, Ma, 02119

    My request pertains to the empty lot in between #3 Alpine Street and #9 Alpine Street. Often times there is some trash visible to the street, but the real issue is the pile up of trash along the back fence of the property (not visible from the street) and uncontrolled growth of brush among the trash. This is providing an environment for rats that are a nuisance for myself and my neighbors. My request is that the property owner remove the trash from the back fence and keep the brush reasonably trimmed. |

    CLOSED #101005040144

    Resolved. Will inspect area for rat activity and trash.



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  • Trash on Vacant Lot (Remove)