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  • Scanning Overcharge

    37 Poplar St, Roslindale, Ma, 02131

    This establishment is illegally charging customers a fee to use credit cards. My total was $24.61 (for two gyros) on the cash register but the woman charged $25.59 to my credit card without telling me! |

    CLOSED #101005521700

    Duplicate of Existing Case. We received the same complaint on 6/13/24 complaint #101005513501. the inspector informed the store to post that they will be charging a % when using a credit card.

  • Scanning Overcharge

    Intersection Of John Eliot Sq And Roxbury St, Roxbury, Ma

    She is stating they are over charging products there. Please check the store out. | Name/address of the store: [ROXBURY MINI MARKET- 42B John Eliot Sq] Item description: [Salad dressing from dollar tree that they charged over priced. They have other products from Walmart and Price Right] Price offered: [$1.25] Price charged: [$5.00]

    CLOSED #101005473824

    Case Resolved. did not find any items from other brand name stores. scanned a few items only one scanned incorrectly, We will go back in a few weeks and do a full price verification inspection.

  • Scanning Overcharge

    42 John Eliot Sq, Roxbury, Ma, 02119

    CLOSED #101005473820

    Case Invalid. Bad address.

  • Scanning Overcharge

    607 Tremont St, Roxbury, Ma, 02118

    Constituent states she is not receiving the correct amount of change, increasing the price above what is listed. On-going problem | Name/address of the store: [The Wine Emporium] Item description: [Wine] Price offered: [$14.99] Price charged: [$15.04]

    CLOSED #101005461240

    Case Resolved. spoke with the manager about issuing the penny back. spoke with Lula and provided her with our direct number if the issue continues.

  • Scanning Overcharge

    Intersection Of E India Row And India St And Atlantic Ave, Boston, Ma

    they charge by the hour. The machine at the entrance prints a time an hour early. The exit timer is the correct time so they charge for an extra hour. | Name/address of the store: [270 Atlantic ave Boston Harbor Garage] Item description: [parking]

    CLOSED #101005411295

    Case Resolved. The time was correct on the way in and out a copy of the tickets are attached to the complaint.

  • Scanning Overcharge

    270 Atlantic Ave, Boston, Ma, 02110

    CLOSED #101005411291

    Duplicate of Existing Case.

  • Scanning Overcharge

    134 Bunker Hill St, Charlestown, Ma, 02129

    Market is buying beans from store nearby and reselling for a greater price to lower income individuals. | Name/address of the store: [United National Market, 134 Bunker Hill St, Charlsetown, MA 02129] Item description: [Beans] Price offered: [1.99] Price charged: [5.99]

    CLOSED #101005406077

    Case Resolved. The beans were ringing up 2.99. We scanned bagged beans we couldn't find anything priced 1.99. We spoke to the owner and explained that they should only purchase food to sell to the public at wholesale stores. We are sending a complaint to the Health Depepartment to follow up on that part.

  • Scanning Overcharge

    746 Dudley St, Dorchester, Ma, 02125

    The constituent states that the cashier tells them one price and then he gets charged a different price. The price on the website doesnt match at all. The constituent states when request a refund,the cashier acts like she doesnt know english. The constituent is requesting an investigation at this restaurant for falsifying wrong prices on website and charging the persons card a different price. The constituent states she called back to speak with higher up and the lady hung up on the constituent. requesting assistance with this matter. | Name/address of the store: [New Ho Toy chinese restaurant] Item description: [It was items of food] Price offered: [$21.00] Price charged: [$26.00]

    CLOSED #101005344705

    Case Resolved. We need more information for what the customer actually purchased that was price $21.00 and rang up $26.00. We checked prices with the online menu most were priced correctly and a few more. the owner is working with the internet person to fix all the prices. customer can call us at 617-635-5328 with any complaints so we can get the accurate information.

  • Scanning Overcharge

    45 A St, South Boston, Ma, 02127

    Constituent states the arizonas have a .99 cent sticker but the register is logging it as 1.25. Constituent would like to log the issue. | Name/address of the store: [Southie Gas at 51 a street] Item description: [Arizina ice tea] Price offered: [.99] Price charged: [1.25]

    CLOSED #101005337359

    Case Resolved. The inspector found the product to be priced .99 cents, shelf tagged 1.25 and scanning 1.25. He explained that they must honor the lower price. The customer did not purchase the product from the store. (quoted by the store manager). So no refund will be issued.

  • Scanning Overcharge

    760 Washington St, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

    Const. states she tried to purchase the product and when it rang up as extra she questioned the cashier on the price and he did not give her an answer. Const. is concerned because it is near a school and kids are less likely to say something about the prices. | Name/address of the store: [Rosario Grocery] Item description: [Rap Snacks potato chips] Price offered: [$2.49] Price charged: [$2.69]

    CLOSED #101005335833

    Case Resolved. the product was not on the shelf to verify. The store did not have any shelf tags of item pricing. The inspector educated and left a copy of the item pricing law with the owner. We will go back in a few weeks and check the store.



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