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  • Scale Not Visible

    1102 1108 Washington St, Roxbury, Ma, 02118

    Store Name/location: [New Ming Inc] Where is scale located in store: [Seafood and meat counter in the refrigerated section of the store] Detail Information: [Scales are being use that do not have boston weight and measure seal on them]

    CLOSED #101005198277

    Case Resolved. one scale did not have a seal on it. The inspector tested and sealed this device.

  • Scale Not Visible

    332 Chestnut Hill Ave, Brighton, Ma, 02135

    The constituent reported that the gas pumps are not stopping automatically when the car is full. Constituent stated that this a major risk for persons using the pump because it causes the cars to overflow. | Location: [Shell Gas Station]

    CLOSED #101004725416

    Case Resolved. We tested all the hoses and the shut off valve for all the dispensers. They all worked correctly and shut off when the clip was activated and left alone. Pump 9 and 10 were shut down and out of service. We could not test those. Please call us at 617-961-3380 with any questions or concerns. More information in the future would help like what pump number they used.

  • Scale Not Visible

    10 Linwood Sq, 2, Roxbury, Ma, 02119

    CLOSED #101003203714
  • Scale Not Visible

    695 Truman Pkwy, Unit 203, Hyde Park, Ma, 02136

    scale is not visible, adding pounds to laundry

    CLOSED #101003192747
  • Scale Not Visible

    600 Blue Hill Ave, Dorchester, Ma, 02121

    Constituent states that the scales at the Mattapan Fish Market are not City of Boston regulated, do not have the proper postage on the scales and constituent believes the establishment is mischaring patrons | Location: [Mattapan Fish Market, 600 Blue Hill Ave] Scale location: [One is on top of the shrimp counter, one is below on the side of the fresh fish]

    CLOSED #101002745840
  • Scale Not Visible

    339 Northern Ave, Boston, Ma, 02210

    scale not visible to customer, weighing lobsters in back, cannot see scale.

    CLOSED #101002150528
  • Scale Not Visible

    606 American Legion Hwy, Roslindale, Ma, 02131

    scale not visible to customers

    CLOSED #101001758752
  • Scale Not Visible

    690 Washington St, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

    Wants to make sure scale  is accurate.

    CLOSED #101001751960
  • Scale Not Visible

    Intersection Of Columbia Rd And Dorchester Ave, Dorchester, Ma

    Measurement gauge is fluctuating from low to medium | Location: [Gas Station] Scale location: [Near clerk's counter]

    CLOSED #101001657090
  • Scale Not Visible

    1377 Hyde Park Ave, Hyde Park, Ma, 02136

    Deli scales not displaying weight.

    CLOSED #101001417866



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