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  • Empty Litter Basket

    312 312 A Shawmut Ave, Roxbury, Ma, 02118

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    Overflowing trashcan

    CLOSED #101005575055

    Noted. No a city barrel.

  • Needle Cleanup

    50 Summer St, Boston, Ma, 02110

    Drugged out people and down and out individuals at the corner of Arch & Summer,/Winter Streets

    CLOSED #101005575044

    Noted. Not a sharps call. Contact local authorities. CD.

  • Other

    9 11 Frederika St, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

    Food waste wasn't picked up. I'm a new customer and no one else on my street so maybe it wasn't on the schedule. But I just got my bin last Thursday.

    CLOSED #101005575035

    Case Resolved. Please contact Garbage to Gardens. 617-977-4547.

  • Other

    23 Verdun St, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

    Looking to replace trash bins that are breaking apart

    CLOSED #101005575007

    Case Resolved. Thank you for contacting BOS311. The city of Boston does not provide trash bins.

  • Dead Animal Pickup

    67 Beech Glen St, Roxbury, Ma, 02119

    By the no parking sign

    CLOSED #101005574997


  • Needle Cleanup

    Intersection Of Avery St And Tremont St, Boston, Ma

    Image submitted with report

    Needle in park

    CLOSED #101005574987

    Resolved. 1 Needle and 2dt recovered. CD.

  • Other

    21 Birch Rd, West Roxbury, Ma, 02132

    House alarm going off for at least 15 minutes

    CLOSED #101005574939

    Case Invalid. Please call 9-1-1. This app is for non emergency related issues. Thank you for contacting Boston 311.

  • Needle Cleanup

    549 551 Massachusetts Ave, Roxbury, Ma, 02118

    Image submitted with report

    Needles and garbage

    CLOSED #101005574919

    Resolved. 2 syringes 3dt recovered by jg.

  • Illegal Parking

    13 Vinton St, South Boston, Ma, 02127

    New York State plates on street

    CLOSED #101005574916

    Case Resolved. 2 Vehicles were ticketed for non resident parking.

  • Dead Animal Pickup

    1528 Centre St, Roslindale, Ma, 02131

    Dead Rat

    CLOSED #101005574910




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