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  • Upgrade Existing Lighting

    134 Draper St, 1, Dorchester, Ma, 02122

    Problem: [Constituent states the even side of the street lights are all very dim on draper st]

    OPEN #101005180627
  • Upgrade Existing Lighting

    194 Arborway, Jamaica Plain, Ma, 02130

    Problem: [street light is shining directly into property at 194 Arborway. Constituent requesting that the light be readjusted]

    OPEN #101005160515
  • Upgrade Existing Lighting

    Intersection Of Intervale St And Blue Hill Ave, Dorchester, Ma

    Problem: [Constituent is requesting an upgrade to the one street light that has not had its light changed. The street light is in the middle of the block.]

    OPEN #101005132927
  • Upgrade Existing Lighting

    Intersection Of Tower St And Washington St And Hyde Park Ave, Jamaica Plain, Ma

    Problem: [Constituent states: "I cannot believe that our lights were replaced with lights you can barely see while driving, it is not only dangerous --- but I also fear an accident happening. I understand trying to be friendly to the earth, that is my assumption, however -- please go back to the safer lighting before someone has an accident."]

    OPEN #101005115169
  • Upgrade Existing Lighting

    553 E Sixth St, South Boston, Ma, 02127

    Problem: [In the rear of this address there is a gas street light. Constituent reports the material inside of the street light deteriorating. Constituent is requesting the street light be maintenanced.]

    CLOSED #101005107669

    Case Resolved. Replace Mantles and globe.

  • Upgrade Existing Lighting

    27 Edinboro St, Boston, Ma, 02111

    Problem: [Constituent is requesting an upgrade to the light across the street, near the tree.]

    CLOSED #101005080231

    Resolved. Replaced dim acorn fixture Y Rushin G Guptill.

  • Upgrade Existing Lighting

    301 Border St, East Boston, Ma, 02128

    Problem: [Constituent is the Project Superintendant and is looking to have two street lights reinstalled at this location. Requesting to be contacted for confirmation.]

    CLOSED #101005062919

    Case Resolved. I spoke with Mr. Chory regarding the street lights for this construction project.

  • Upgrade Existing Lighting

    5 Wellesley Park, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

    Problem: [Constituent states each of these 16 gas lights on Wellesley Park has at least one mantle out, making the street very dimly lit. On odd side: 5,11,13,17,21,23,27,29,31,37,41,45 On even side: 28,32,50, and second light on the right when coming from Melville]

    CLOSED #101005056091

    Resolved. Checked and working.

  • Upgrade Existing Lighting

    Intersection Of Hyde Park Ave And Walk Hill St, Jamaica Plain, Ma

    Problem: [Reports that the street lights on Hyde Park ave by location have a yellowish color, they think all the lights should be white.]

    CLOSED #101005021977

    Case Noted. All lights are working. Some of the lights are sodium vapor. We will be converting all to LED.

  • Upgrade Existing Lighting

    Intersection Of Sycamore St And Hawthorne St, Roslindale, Ma

    Problem: [Constituent states street lights are too dark.]

    OPEN #101005009512



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