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    58 Falcon St, East Boston, Ma, 02128

    8:30 at night - endless banging outside construction work continues 58 falcon east boston

    OPEN #101005575109
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    Intersection Of Marion St And Bennington St, East Boston, Ma

    The state police are literally trapping people in East Boston by closing all of the on-ramps on 1A to limit traffic entering the highway with the bridge closures. The people in East Boston deserve more consideration during this process.

    OPEN #101005575097
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    Intersection Of Tyndale St And Walworth St, Roslindale, Ma

    Guy smoking weed at the basketball court Fallon Field while there is a little kids street hockey game going on, the whole area stinks like weed. Approaches the guys to say something and they look like what’s the problem. Grabbed a cop going by and he says nothing he can do. | Case (SR) Type: [BPD: Quality of Life] Referred To: [POLICE: AREA E-5]

    OPEN #101005575094
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    Intersection Of Copp's Hill Ter And Commercial St, Boston, Ma

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    Splash pad is overflowing 

    OPEN #101005575091
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    18 Atherton Ave, Roslindale, Ma, 02131

    Food waste pickup missed our street again.

    CLOSED #101005575082

    Case Invalid. Please call Garbage to Garden at 617-977-4547 for the missed pick up. Thank you for contacting Boston 311.

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    55 Marcella St, Roxbury, Ma, 02119

    Overflowing street drain. Overflows and floods the street every time there is significant rain. | Case (SR) Type: [Miscellaneous] Referred To: [BWSC (All Cases)]

    OPEN #101005575077
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    105 George St, Roxbury, Ma, 02119

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    Trash were not picked up today Thursday July 18th next 105 and 111 George Street, Roxbury - because they were to big trucks parked in front of the houses and blocked out trash barrels - normally they get picked weekly with no problem - I removed the lids out so it can be seen on my first report for pick up - now getting tickets !

    OPEN #101005575075
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    72 Florida St, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

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    Mattress needs to be picked up.

    CLOSED #101005575066

    Case Invalid. Please schedule mattress pick up through Here is the link :

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    578 Canterbury St, Roslindale, Ma, 02131

    Trash not picked up

    OPEN #101005575051
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    Intersection Of Essex St And Main St, Charlestown, Ma

    Dogs menacing people off leash. Again, Eden St. Park, Charlestown. | Case (SR) Type: [Animal Care & Control] Referred To: [ANIMAL CARE & CONTROL STAFF]

    OPEN #101005575041



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