Reports (82,911)

  • Snow Plowing/Salting

    77 Falcon St, East Boston, Ma, 02128

    Constituent reports water leak from a neighbors yard has created an ice patch on the road. Request for salting. |

    CLOSED #101004739578

    Resolved. Salted.

  • Snow Plowing/Salting

    Intersection Of Summit St And Williams Ave, Hyde Park, Ma

    BPS reports icy road conditions on Summit St near intersection. |

    CLOSED #101004739571

    Resolved. Salted area.

  • Snow Plowing/Salting

    30 Northbourne Rd, Jamaica Plain, Ma, 02130

    there have been 3 salt trucks down Northbourne Rd in the last 20 minutes. There is more than enough salt on the road |

    CLOSED #101004727473

    Case Noted.

  • Snow Plowing/Salting

    128 Westchester Rd, Jamaica Plain, Ma, 02130

    Constituent staes there has no been salting today. |

    CLOSED #101004696602

    Resolved. This location was addressed.

  • Snow Plowing/Salting

    18 Union St, 1, Brighton, Ma, 02135

    Constituent reports icy road conditions. |

    CLOSED #101004692705

    Resolved. Cleaned.

  • Snow Plowing/Salting

    Intersection Of Ida St And Ruth St, East Boston, Ma

    Constituent states alley known as Ruth St between Ida St and Brigham St is unshoveled/unsalted and needs to be situated as that is where trash and recycling goes. |

    CLOSED #101004692399

    Invalid. Ruth, Ida, and Brigham are situated. All three were situated when it was snowing earlier and are still situated.

  • Snow Plowing/Salting

    281 Poplar St, Roslindale, Ma, 02131

    Constituent states icy sidewalk and is requesting salting |

    CLOSED #101004691285

    Resolved. At said location I put a little salt down for safety but this belongs to thr o.

  • Snow Plowing/Salting

    33 Violante St, Mattapan, Ma, 02126

    Constituent states that this location is not salted and it is often missed because the truck does not come all the way down. |

    CLOSED #101004691182

    Noted. We will be putting down salt momentarily if there's ice there we can salt now.

  • Snow Plowing/Salting

    31 Worcester Sq, Roxbury, Ma, 02118

    911 dispatcher reached out stating that the road needed to be iced due to a fire that happened att his location. |

    CLOSED #101004690295


  • Snow Plowing/Salting

    15 Court Sq, 1, Boston, Ma, 02108

    CLOSED #101004689712

    Case Invalid. This case has been closed as there is not enough information to process this request. If you feel this has been closed in error, please dial 311 to submit a new request. Sincerely, Boston 311 Team.



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  • Snow Plowing/Salting (Remove)