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  • pedestrian fell down and was injured and hospitalized inside the boston common located on the pathway near the visitor information center and the parking garage possible grate and dirt | Type of improvement: [Pathways] Affiliation type: [Constituent]

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  • CLOSED #101005167392

    Case Invalid.

  • Park Improvement Requests

    103 Old Ironsides Way, Charlestown, Ma, 02129

    Install signs baseball field

    CLOSED #101005148412

    Resolved. Installed 2 signs.

  • CLOSED #101005148330

    Case Invalid. Wrong case created.

  • When do you replant grass? It has been three years since you have fed the park with new grass. | Type of improvement: [Landscaping] SR Type: [Trades General]

    CLOSED #101005141243

    Case Noted. Thank you for your observation. The Parks department plans on treating the grass as part of our upcoming renovation to Titus Sparrow Park. As of now, we are hoping to begin treating the grass in December. The park will be closed once construction renovations begin and re open once construction is completed. You can find updates on the renovation project at this web page:

  • I sent a request back in August 2023 regarding the tennis courts at 131 Grampian Way in Dorchester and have not heard back. I did not receive a confirmation either. We are requesting a chain link fence, re surface court, new nets and hardware, lights, etc. Can you please advise if this request as soon as possible? Thank you, Kim Knight 6175156930 | Type of improvement: [Other] Affiliation type: [Constituent]

    OPEN #101005132829
  • cracks on tennis court at Rogers Park | Type of improvement: [Other] SR Type: [Trades General]

    OPEN #101005132540
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    1005 Columbia Rd, South Boston, Ma, 02127

    Image submitted with report

    Water pipe exposed. Middle of Moakley Park

    CLOSED #101005131965

    Case Resolved. The box that covers the water pipe has been secured and locked.

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    149 Bowdoin St, Dorchester, Ma, 02122

    Install sign at Tebroc st playground

    CLOSED #101005129695

    Case Resolved. Tebroc sign has been installed.

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    50 Thayer St, Roxbury, Ma, 02118

    Install signs Rotch park

    CLOSED #101005129519

    Resolved. Installed 3 park rule si.



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