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  • Pigeon Infestation

    690 Truman Pkwy, Unit 10, Hyde Park, Ma, 02136

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    Case Invalid. wrong case type.

  • Pigeon Infestation

    459 Hanover St, Boston, Ma, 02113

    What is the nature of the problem: [Constituent states some man feeds the pigeons everyday causing 100's of birds to be on the sidewalk and they are not afraid when you try to walk by. Constituent states it is very bad for the birds to feed them and it is a major health concern.]

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    Resolved. No violations found.

  • Pigeon Infestation

    1 Summer St, Boston, Ma, 02111

    What is the nature of the problem: [INTERSECTION of summer st & A st south boston waterfront Pigeon droppings on the street]

    CLOSED #101005148745

    Case Noted. area inspector is monitoring the area.

  • Pigeon Infestation

    327 A St, Unit 3 Fl, Boston, Ma, 02210

    Since netting was installed under the Summer Street overpass above A Street a few weeks ago, the pigeons that roost under the bridge have changed habits: they now roost on the rough-hewn granite block edges of the walls that hold the bridge up (continuing to release copious droppings onto the sidewalks on both sides of the A Street) and sit on the stone detail edges of 327 A Street (more droppings) and on the parapets of 326 and 328 A Street (more droppings). I don't think this reporting tool allows photo attachments (the street cleaning one does) but happy to provide them by email if you'd like to see the extent of the problem...). |

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  • Pigeon Infestation

    Intersection Of Summer St And A St, Boston, Ma

    Pigeon netting was put below the Summer Street bridge to prevent pigeons from nesting there. Unfortunately, the city did not put additional netting on the rock wall just below the bridge which actually makes the pigeon poop problem worse by concentrating the pigeons on the rock ledge just below the bridge. This creates a real safety hazard for pedestrians walking on A Street under the bridge. A simple very thin wire running across this rock ledge (as I have seen done in other cities) would be very effective in deterring pigeons from sitting on this ledge. |

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  • Pigeon Infestation

    Intersection Of Summer St And A St, Boston, Ma

    We appreciate the resent effort to deal with the long-term pigeon roosting and pooping issue from the beams and pipe below Summer Street where it pass above A Street. Netting was recently installed, which has for the most part kept the birds off of the bridge structure (though some still manage to get inside of the netted area). However, the birds now perch along the edges of the stone walls below the netting on both sides of A Street, along the abutment along Summer Street, and on the ledges and roofs of the surrounding buildings. So: problem not solved. Hoping that further corrective action can be taken, including possible capture and removal if other measures do not work. |

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  • Pigeon Infestation

    1 Higgins St, 1, Allston, Ma, 02134

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    Case Invalid. wrong form.

  • Pigeon Infestation

    1 Higgins St, 1, Allston, Ma, 02134

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    Case Invalid.

  • Pigeon Infestation

    4 Greenmount St, Dorchester, Ma, 02125

    What is the nature of the problem: [Const. states that resident at the service location feeds a ton of birds in the neighborhood, sometimes 50+ at a time. Feeding causes the birds to swarm the neighborhood pooping everywhere. Scraps leftover are increasing rat activity as well.]

    CLOSED #101005055718

    Noted. Upon inspection of the property found tons of pigeons on the roof of the property. Talked to the people in the house and told them to stop feeding the pigeons. If you have any questions please contact the inspector at

  • Pigeon Infestation

    12 Shelby St, East Boston, Ma, 02128

    What is the nature of the problem: [Const. states excessive bird activity in the tree pressing against the house is causing loud noise, bad smells from feces, droppings everywhere, and feathers flying in the house.]

    CLOSED #101005037465

    Resolved. We do not handle pigeons



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