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  • Illegal Parking

    Intersection Of Essex St And New Rutherford Ave And Rutherford Ave, Charlestown, Ma

    Can you please ticket car parked across crosswalk/hp/no stopping anytime spot at end of Essex st. It is impossible for wheelchair to access sidewalk. Thank you.

    OPEN #101005180818
  • Knockdown Replacement

    Intersection Of Chelsea St And Medford St, Charlestown, Ma

    Please Replacement Concrete Pole 24 feet with LED 62W Regt Fixture. Thank you.

    OPEN #101005180817
  • Other

    225 A Bowdoin St, Unit 1, Dorchester, Ma, 02122

    Restaraunt Pollo Central is operating after hours and very loud music , party inside | Case (SR) Type: [BPD: Quality of Life] Referred To: [POLICE: AREA C-11]

    OPEN #101005180798
  • Illegal Parking

    Intersection Of Ninth St And Fourth Ave, Charlestown, Ma

    Image submitted with report

    Parked in fire lane. Happens daily, especially overnight. You'll say Boston Transportation actively patrols, but they don't come back to this alcove. Corner of 4th and 9th. Navy Yard.

    OPEN #101005180786
  • Other

    29 45 Brookline Ave, Boston, Ma, 02215

    Very loud construction noise (likely Fenway center project) near Landsdowne station past 11 PM

    OPEN #101005180785
  • Abandoned Vehicle

    107 Academy Hill Rd, Brighton, Ma, 02135

    Image submitted with report

    Abandoned car! This car is still parked illegally here. It has been here for months. Please put a "No Parking" sign up at this intersection so that cars don't park right at the intersection of Rushmore and Academy Hill Rd. Cars consistently park here right up to the intersection. Boston traffic laws state that cars cannot park within 20 feet of an intersection. It makes it incredibly dangerous to turn from Rushmore onto Academy Hill Rd because you cannot see oncoming traffic due to the car. I have almost gotten in accidents here several times.

    OPEN #101005180783
  • Residential Trash out Illegally

    35 Glenarm St, Dorchester, Ma, 02121

    Image submitted with report

    Mattress been outside for about two to three weeks

    OPEN #101005180781
  • Illegal Parking

    3 Fendale Ave, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

    Image submitted with report

    Parked on side walk

    OPEN #101005180777
  • Abandoned Vehicle

    118 120 Granite Ave, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

    Black Dodge Ram Pickup truck license plate 2CDA13 has been parked in front of address for over a week.

    OPEN #101005180775
  • Tree Maintenance Requests

    238 South St, Jamaica Plain, Ma, 02130

    There's a tree on the plaza by the Forest Hills Station North Headhouse (near the bike path circle) that looks like it was knocked partway over and is leaning at like a 45 degree angle.

    OPEN #101005180774



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