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  • Student Move-in Issues

    388 Marlborough St, Boston, Ma, 02115

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    Furniture left on the sidewalk after a move A few days ago in

    CLOSED #101005050563

    Resolved. Put in for collections. No evidence found.

  • Student Move-in Issues

    11 Edinboro St, Boston, Ma, 02111

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    This couch has been left on the sidewalk all week. Who is supposed to keep the public sidewalk clean and free of obstructions when people illegally dump their trash?

    CLOSED #101005049878

    Noted. Couch will be sent in for removal.

  • Student Move-in Issues

    61 Gordon St, Allston, Ma, 02134

    I want old mattress to be picked up from 61 Gordon street, Allston 02134

    CLOSED #101005049727

    Case Noted. Please call 311 directly for a mattress pickup.

  • Student Move-in Issues

    11 Greycliff Rd, Brighton, Ma, 02135

    Parking without sticker

    CLOSED #101005047481

    Case Resolved. Area ticketed.

  • Student Move-in Issues

    9 Colborne Rd, Brighton, Ma, 02135

    Please pick up couch on sidewalk in front of 9 Colborne Road in Brighton

    CLOSED #101005045716

    Noted. Sofa was sent for collection unable to cite.

  • Student Move-in Issues

    133 Saint Botolph St, Boston, Ma, 02115

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    Public Alley 403 (behind 133 Saint Botolph street). Metal frame for pickup and removal please. Left by someone illegally. Approximately 5’ long, 3’ wide. Thank you.

    CLOSED #101005045610

    Noted. No violation found at this time clear.

  • Student Move-in Issues

    833 835 E Fourth St, South Boston, Ma, 02127

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    CLOSED #101005045105

    Noted. Mattress placed in for collections.

  • Student Move-in Issues

    288 Foster St, Brighton, Ma, 02135

    Students outside in the middle of the night disturbing the adults trying to sleep

    CLOSED #101005044876

    Case Resolved. Thank you for contacting Boston 311. This matter needs to brought to the attention of the police when and if it's taking place. For future reference, something like this should never be reported on this app. This is for non-emergency, non-crime related city service requests. 9-1-1 should always be called to report any loud music, loud parties, and car alarms.

  • Student Move-in Issues

    15 Radnor Rd, Brighton, Ma, 02135

    BC students disrupting the neighborhood all day with their loud music and screaming profanities outside in back of house.

    CLOSED #101005044711

    Case Noted. Please call BPD so that a unit can be dispatched to the area.

  • Student Move-in Issues

    15 Radnor Rd, Brighton, Ma, 02135

    BC drunks high on weed outside back of the house disturbing the peace and polluting the air. This group has been a nuisance to our entire apartment building since they moved in.

    CLOSED #101005044565

    Case Noted. This needs to be reported to BPD directly.



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