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  • Pigeon Infestation

    45 Rutland St, 3, Roxbury, Ma, 02118

    We have pigeons (I think 3) living on the porch patio up on a crossbeam. We have contacted our property management numerous times now and they still haven't come to address the issue. I bought spikes to put up, but I'm unable to reach and don't have a ladder to reach. Could you please help with removing the pigeons? They keep pooping on the patio and it has been unusable for over 2 months now |

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  • Pigeon Infestation

    327 A St, Unit 3 Fl, Boston, Ma, 02210

    Since netting was installed under the Summer Street overpass above A Street a few weeks ago, the pigeons that roost under the bridge have changed habits: they now roost on the rough-hewn granite block edges of the walls that hold the bridge up (continuing to release copious droppings onto the sidewalks on both sides of the A Street) and sit on the stone detail edges of 327 A Street (more droppings) and on the parapets of 326 and 328 A Street (more droppings). I don't think this reporting tool allows photo attachments (the street cleaning one does) but happy to provide them by email if you'd like to see the extent of the problem...). |

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  • Pigeon Infestation

    Intersection Of Summer St And A St, Boston, Ma

    We appreciate the resent effort to deal with the long-term pigeon roosting and pooping issue from the beams and pipe below Summer Street where it pass above A Street. Netting was recently installed, which has for the most part kept the birds off of the bridge structure (though some still manage to get inside of the netted area). However, the birds now perch along the edges of the stone walls below the netting on both sides of A Street, along the abutment along Summer Street, and on the ledges and roofs of the surrounding buildings. So: problem not solved. Hoping that further corrective action can be taken, including possible capture and removal if other measures do not work. |

    OPEN #101005105903
  • Pigeon Infestation

    Intersection Of Oxford St And Essex St, Boston, Ma

    The owner of La Gala Hair Group (78 Essex St) dumps bird seed on the corner of Oxford & Essex across the street from his salon several times a day. This results in an infestation of pigeons so thick that it stops pedestrian traffic & worsens the already severe rat problem in the adjacent empty building. He maintains this is legal but I am not certain if that. |

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  • Pigeon Infestation

    8 Weldon St, Dorchester, Ma, 02121

    Roofing and gutters are diminshed, pigeons and other rodents are living there causing dead pigeons to die in street and other rodents to eat on them |

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  • Pigeon Infestation

    179 Trenton St, East Boston, Ma, 02128

    What is the nature of the problem: [pigeon infestation]

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  • Pigeon Infestation

    1 Lennon Ct, 1, South Boston, Ma, 02127

    What is the nature of the problem: [Tenent is feeding the birds and there is now a pigeon infestation. Andrew is the contact person for this service request Ph#617-315-7969]

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  • Pigeon Infestation

    576 E Third St, South Boston, Ma, 02127

    What is the nature of the problem: [Constituent states that the rear of the property is rotting and there is a hole in the back right corner (in addition to several holes on the exterior wall of house) where the birds nest. There is constant cooing and droppings due to the large amount of pigeons that congregate there.]

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  • Pigeon Infestation

    16 Hancock St, 3 R, Boston, Ma, 02114

    Pigeons nesting below the roof deck of unit 3R clogging gutters and defecating everywhere. |

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  • Pigeon Infestation

    763 E Broadway, South Boston, Ma, 02127

    What is the nature of the problem: [woman at this location is feeding pidgeons here constantly. This is in the backyard. It is drawing mice and rats with the food she leaves them. 7/3: Constituent continuing to dump good today]

    OPEN #101002949652



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