Reports (22)

  • Power outage for Dewitt Drive |

    CLOSED #101001297998
  • Power Outage

    445 447 Adams St, Dorchester, Ma, 02122

    Caller is building manager at Templeton Apts. Reports partial outage. Reported to NSTAR. |

    CLOSED #101000806748
  • Power Outage

    Intersection Of E Broadway And L St, South Boston, Ma

    Traffic lights went to flash after some issue with the power. Appear to be on yellow flash now. Could be power problem. |

    CLOSED #101000798194
  • Power Outage

    100 City Hall Plz, Boston, Ma, 02108

    Test 123 |

    CLOSED #101000796482
  • Power Outage

    4 Tiverton Rd, Mattapan, Ma, 02126

    Caller reporting power outage. |

    CLOSED #101000790663
  • Power Outage

    21 Linwood St, Roxbury, Ma, 02119

    Street light haven't been working for 2 days. |

    CLOSED #101000781075
  • Power Outage

    490 494 E Broadway, South Boston, Ma, 02127

    Many streetlights are out at corner of E Broadway and Dorchester ave. |

    CLOSED #101000776980
  • Power Outage

    111 Mount Ida Rd, Dorchester, Ma, 02122

    No power on the street lights, Robinson Street and Mount Ida have no power on the street since the storms. Residences have power but street lights are out. Hazzard for pedestrians. Snow on the sidewalk as well as dark street causes danger to pedestrians. |

    CLOSED #101000776972
  • Power Outage

    Intersection Of Bennington St And Saratoga St, East Boston, Ma

    traffic light out of order at intersection |

    CLOSED #101000776437
  • Power Outage

    40 Turtle Pond Pkwy, Hyde Park, Ma, 02136

    Power and heat just went out; caller is in her 80's and can't shovel either. Caller would like assistance. |

    CLOSED #101000775196



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