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    477 Shawmut Ave, Roxbury, Ma, 02118

    Install sign

    CLOSED #101005114719

    Resolved. Installed park sign.

  • Park Improvement Requests

    Intersection Of Valley Rd And Washington St, Dorchester, Ma

    Install pet waste signs

    CLOSED #101005113198

    Resolved. Installed 3 pet waste signs.

  • Constituent requests installing chess tables and ping pong table(s)in the Commons. | Type of improvement: [Play Equipment] Affiliation type: [Constituent]

    CLOSED #101005097824

    Case Noted. Thank you for this suggestion. Boston Parks and Rec will consider this suggestion for future park improvements at Boston Common.

  • Constituent states the park needs for safety nets for children 1-4 years old. The park now has an open design that allows free movement to a huge area and the gate access leads directly to busy Dorchester Avenue where anyone entering and exiting the area can leave the gate open giving children direct access to the street. Also eliminated were the bucket swings for little ones, and swings for disabled minors everything for children 0 to 2 years of age. The constituent is requesting more child friendly equipment and safety. | Type of improvement: [Play Equipment] Affiliation type: [Constituent]

    CLOSED #101005097603

    Case Noted. The Boston Parks Department is planning park improvements for Doherty Gibson Playground. Your comments will be sent to the design team for this parks improvements. More info on Doherty Gibson Playground park improvements can be found at this link:

  • Park Improvement Requests

    978 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester, Ma, 02125

    Install no dog signs

    CLOSED #101005094290

    Resolved. Installed 3 no dogs allowed in playlot.

  • Only one court has lights. Is it possible to put in lights for the second court as well? Bradley Courts | Type of improvement: [Other] Affiliation type: [Constituent]

    CLOSED #101005093833

    Case Noted. Improvements to Back Bay Fens are being planned by Boston Parks and Rec. Additional court lighting is in our plans. You can find updates for the park improvements on this page: We appreciate your patience while we work and plan to improve the Back Bay Fens,.

  • Constituent reports that the lock on the park has been broken off and they are requesting a new one. | Type of improvement: [Fencing] Affiliation type: [Constituent]

    CLOSED #101005085500

    Case Noted. Parks maintenance has replaced the lock twice since this 311 request was submitted. The lock has been broken off each time. For the time being maintenance has welded the lock chain to the swing gate. The gate will remain unlocked due to repeated forced removal of locks provided by Boston Parks.

  • the pickleball and street hockey courts, the lines have been painted over, possible vandalism | Type of improvement: [Other] SR Type: [Painting]

    OPEN #101005075081
  • constituent is requesting that a sign be posted to tell dog owners to clean up after their pets. | Type of improvement: [Other] Affiliation type: [Constituent]

    CLOSED #101005074954

    Case Resolved. 2 clean up after pet signs have been posted at the park entrance.

  • Constituent reports large potholes at this location | Type of improvement: [Pathways]

    CLOSED #101005063218

    Case Noted. Noted. The Parks Department has plans to address large pot holes at the Common.



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