I have been complaining for several years about the deplorable condition of the sidewalk in front of my building and it extends further in front of adjacent buildings. The temporary repairs were done w/ asphalt material that constantly breaks apart ( it cant sustain an asphalt patch and its ugly ) .The start of the problem goes back many ,many years when the concrete sidewalk was installed and the concrete began to deteriorate. Whenever I called , the same repair was done . The sidewalk is definitly in a hazardous condition where people could easily trip . Please remove the existing sidewalk system in front of 195 Webster street and consider the neighbors sidewalk too. Fyi I tried to look up the records but to no avail . TY. | Cause of damage: [Normal deterioration] Sidewalk material: [Concrete]
195 197 Webster St, East Boston, Ma, 02128
42.3651095, -71.03383927


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