Request for Litter Basket Installation

Intersection Of Brighton Ave And Linden St, Allston, Ma

Hi, my wife and I recently moved to your great city. We live in Allston. We have been pleasantly surprised by many things but there is one big issue that we have been negatively surprised about: the amount of trash in the couple of blocks area of our apartment building. We live at 89 right on at the corner of Linden. It is a high rent building ($4325//Mo for 2 bed) and would hope that, for this type of expense, we wouldn't be viewing and walking through an extraordinary amount of trash thrown on the streets. Can can't even walk out dogs between Harvard and Chester on Brighton because of the distraction and their desire to eat everything along the way. It might be easy to chalk up this trash to college kids not caring but I will suggest another primary factor: Zero garbage bins on the north side of the street between Chester and Harvard. I am requesting the city to evaluate this area and to consider to help.cleanup the neighborhood by placing bins in this very high traffic area. Thank you for your consideration. | Has a litter basket or barrel been at this location before: [Unknown] Type of litter basket: [No Preference] Interested in the Adopt a Barrel program: [No]


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