Illegal Auto Body Shop

33 Lithgow St, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

What is the nature of the problem: [The constituent called to report that there is an illegal auto shop being run next door to this address. The constituent state that there is a empty vacant lot next door to this address. The people are using the lot to store broken cars with no plates. As well as working on cars on this vacant lot. The constituent is part of the community and trying to make everyone obey the cities rules and regulations. The constituent states sometimes they can hear noises at this vacant lot. Requesting assistance with this matter.]
33 Lithgow St, Dorchester, Ma, 02124
42.28966, -71.06978


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    Noted | Just spoke with the property owner Bill Coleman. All but one vehicle is registered. Not currently working on any cars. The black truck will be removed by Monday. Current storm broke his shed. No violations issued at this time by Code Enforcement. Illegal auto shops can also be called into the Inspectional Services Department.