The constituent states that the cashier tells them one price and then he gets charged a different price. The price on the website doesnt match at all. The constituent states when request a refund,the cashier acts like she doesnt know english. The constituent is requesting an investigation at this restaurant for falsifying wrong prices on website and charging the persons card a different price. The constituent states she called back to speak with higher up and the lady hung up on the constituent. requesting assistance with this matter. | Name/address of the store: [New Ho Toy chinese restaurant] Item description: [It was items of food] Price offered: [$21.00] Price charged: [$26.00]
746 Dudley St, Dorchester, Ma, 02125
42.31795817, -71.06656878


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    Case Resolved | We need more information for what the customer actually purchased that was price $21.00 and rang up $26.00. We checked prices with the online menu most were priced correctly and a few more. the owner is working with the internet person to fix all the prices. customer can call us at 617-635-5328 with any complaints so we can get the accurate information