Resident bought food at the dollor store on 12-12-24. | Store name/location: [Dollar store] Product size: [Bitter honey] When did this happen: [02/12/2024] Details: [The resident reports the food item was bad and the store refused to take food back.The store states they return food and its not posted.Resident had the receipt.]
995 Blue Hill Ave, Dorchester, Ma, 02124
42.2903556, -71.08981149


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    Resolved | After following up on a complaint at 995 Blue Hill Ave. (Family Dollar) of a guest who stated that they bought Bit O' Honey and they were bad my findings were as follows: I met the manager on duty at that time and made her aware of the situation. I then checked the isle where the specific item was sold. The product was not damaged/adulterated and were not passed the expiration date. I then took a picture of the food item which I have attached to this report. I then followed up with a full sanitary inspection where I cited 1 priority, 1 priority foundation and 2 core violations with a re-inspection scheduled for 2/27/2024.