Constituent reports that in the summer of 2016, around early August, the city was doing construction work in her area. Following the work, the constituent's bathroom began to back up. When BWSC first went out, they said the pipes were fine, but they went back out and saw that the pipes going out of her home were in fact broken. It is now December, and the constituent still has the same issue. She is requesting that the pipes be fixed. She has contacted PWD many times to no avail. |
127 Readville St, Hyde Park, Ma, 02136
42.24076, -71.13561


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    Case Resolved | Dear Constituent, The Boston Public Works Construction Inspection Unit (CIU) unfortunately we can not prove that anybody caused the service pipe issue to your house. It definitely wouldn't be the sidewalk contractor who only digs out the concrete, and wasn't near the pipe. Our Inspector will provide you with Eversource Gas contact Info who according to our permit records did do work in front of your house last year. That is all we can do. We understand that you are upset, and I wish we could do more. For any questions or concerns, please contact the number listed below Sincerely, Mark Cardarelli Supervisor of Utility Coordination and Compliance Boston Public Works Department 617-635-4951 Office