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  • Broken Sidewalk

    2 Oliver St, Boston, Ma, 02109

    uneven sidewalk. Constituent fell and needed to go to the hospital | Cause of damage: [Normal deterioration]

    OPEN #101005417878
  • Broken Sidewalk

    159 Newbury St, Boston, Ma, 02116

    Const. states there is a crack or gap that it causing people to trip | Cause of damage: [Other]

    OPEN #101005417826
  • Broken Sidewalk

    93 Willowwood St, 2, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

    tree was removed now hole in the sidewalk | Cause of damage: [Tree]

    CLOSED #101005417793

    Resolved. Look around area no tree pit need a better location more details please thank you.

  • Broken Sidewalk

    Intersection Of Quincefield St And Wendover St, Dorchester, Ma

    Side walk from 13 wendover to 19 wendover is all broken up and crumbled.

    OPEN #101005417579
  • Broken Sidewalk

    21 Father Francis J Gilday St, Roxbury, Ma, 02118

    Image submitted with report

    Bricks torn up across from 21 father gilday

    OPEN #101005417207
  • Broken Sidewalk

    Intersection Of Marshall St And Union St, Boston, Ma

    Broken brick pattern on sidewalk is a serious fall waiting to happen. Between City Hall and the Holocaust memorial on Congress Street, memorial side of the street. This is so unacceptable.. such a quick fix.

    OPEN #101005417149
  • Broken Sidewalk

    58 60 Hemenway St, Boston, Ma, 02115

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    Badly broken brick sidewalk. Need brick repair. Tripping hazard. Multiple requests and DPW never fixes. Thanks.

    OPEN #101005417080
  • Broken Sidewalk

    141 Revere St, Boston, Ma, 02114

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    Walking hazard: there is a 5”x5” hole in the sidewalk

    OPEN #101005417053
  • Broken Sidewalk

    263 279 Huntington Ave, Boston, Ma, 02115

    Image submitted with report

    Broken sidewalk still broken after about six months.

    OPEN #101005416899
  • Broken Sidewalk

    Intersection Of Charles St And Mount Vernon St, Boston, Ma

    Image submitted with report

    Bricks need to be replaced at 63 Charles Street. Right in front of Beacon Hill Wine & Spirits. Exact address is 63 Charles Street Beacon Hill Boston Mass 02114

    OPEN #101005416880



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