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  • Short Term Rental

    17 W Tremlett St, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

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    Someone living in box truck!!! This is ridiculous. This is illegal! , he throws his trash on the street at night. He keeps coming back!! Do something !!!!

    OPEN #101005400783
  • Short Term Rental

    34 Glenarm St, Dorchester, Ma, 02121

    408 sever st unit 4 has been split into two units. The basement is now its own unit. please confirm that this is firesafe, do the spiral stairs count as a means of egress? because they now go into the other unit and the door may be locked. The corporation evolve has not registered this rental with the state as a lodging operator and has not registered this short term rental with Boston. They do confirm in their listing that the owner does live upstairs (in the split unit) - -

    CLOSED #101005399722

    Resolved. Investigation conducted. Unable to gain access to confirm unit #4.

  • Short Term Rental

    24 Bradford St, Roxbury, Ma, 02118

    this short term rental has a 2 night minimum and is not registered.

    OPEN #101005399682
  • Short Term Rental

    235 Highland St, Roxbury, Ma, 02119

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    Altagrace (Alta) has this listed as an exempt unit for business stays. Business stays require a 10 night minimum. This listing has a 2 night minimum and therefore it requires registration not exemption. -

    OPEN #101005399539
  • Short Term Rental

    1127 Hyde Park Ave, Hyde Park, Ma, 02136

    Illegal rooming house

    OPEN #101005388253
  • Short Term Rental

    Intersection Of Appleton St And Clarendon St, Boston, Ma

    Who do i call if i saw the accident on the south boston bridge this morning. I have eyewitness news.

    CLOSED #101005385626

    You need to contact the police with information like that.

  • Short Term Rental

    88 Exeter St, Boston, Ma, 02116

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    Please investigate this listing. The host image is a stock image, the name is an actress who is not involved with real estate, the hometown listed is in Michigan, the real estate agent mentioned lives in Texas, the company listed in the description is not registered to do business in MA. Most importantly the registration number STR-466119 belongs to someone else. There is so much dishonesty and potential fraud happening in this real estate listing. Real estate brokers should not be allowed to post this much garbage on a listing. Please ask AirBnB to delist per 9-14.10 (b) as this is not an eligible listing. This is the exact same issues as incident #101005384897 -

    CLOSED #101005385058

    Resolved. Listing blocked. Address is a hotel.

  • Short Term Rental

    212 222 Stuart St, Boston, Ma, 02116

    This host is using someone elses registration number. This number does NOT belong to Johna. -

    CLOSED #101005384897

    Resolved. Listing blocked on hosting platform.

  • Short Term Rental

    51 53 Church St, Boston, Ma, 02116

    Illegal Airbnb

    CLOSED #101005384085

    Invalid. 51 Church St #2 is licensed for Short Term Rentals.

  • Short Term Rental

    34 Church St, Boston, Ma, 02116

    Illegal Airbnb

    CLOSED #101005384084

    Invalid. Application is under review. Proper documentation submitted for residency.



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