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  • Install New Lighting

    54 Pilgrim Rd, Boston, Ma, 02215

    Problem: [Right behind address noted .There were new sidewalk done ,City Sidewalks.Missing a pole .There is a electrical box but not light pole.]

    OPEN #101005194665
  • Install New Lighting

    Intersection Of Ridgeway Ln And Derne St, Boston, Ma

    Problem: [Constituent states that there was once a gas street light closer to the Derne St intersection, towards the parking lot (on Ridgeway Ln between Derne & Cambridge). Requesting that it be put back for safety reasons.]

    CLOSED #101005190698

    Noted. Case noted. Waiting on National Grid. NG will install gas line and post.

  • Install New Lighting

    Intersection Of Freeport St And William T Morrissey Blvd, Dorchester, Ma

    Problem: [New unit 219 on morrissey Blvd The general Contractor is trying 2 new installed designs from the city. the contracter took the old down .There needs height change for new lights See case # 10100517064]

    OPEN #101005190117
  • Install New Lighting

    31 Bowker St, Boston, Ma, 02114

    Constituent is requesting two streetlights built at this location in the odd side of the street. The street is very dark at night.]

    CLOSED #101005189974

    Case Resolved. Crew repaired outage at Hawkins St. and Bowker St. No additional lighting needs to be installed.

  • Install New Lighting

    22 Willet St, West Roxbury, Ma, 02132

    Problem: [Constituent is requesting street lights on Willet St and all the way down to Thrush St. It is very dark over there and they are constantly building new homes over there.]

    OPEN #101005187251
  • Install New Lighting

    Intersection Of Saint Alphonsus St And Tremont St, Mission Hill, Ma

    Constituent states at the crosswalk at intersection, there is no light at one end of crosswalk. Requests light is placed there as area gets very dark and dangerous for people to cross. ]

    CLOSED #101005182896

    Resolved. Installed new in feed.

  • Install New Lighting

    287 Western Ave, Allston, Ma, 02134

    Problem: [Reports it is very dark in front of consturction site on the sidewalk. Says a city streeetlight was possibly removed at the location.]

    CLOSED #101005171955

    Noted. Duplicate request. See case #101005171949 issued for additional lightning.

  • Install New Lighting

    Intersection Of Hallowell St And Cummins Hwy, Mattapan, Ma

    Problem: [Constituents called to complain about the intersection not having a street light to slow down traffic on the street. She says there have been numerous times she has almost been hit three times.]

    CLOSED #101005170129

    Case Noted. Traffic signals are not used to slow traffic down.

  • Install New Lighting

    Intersection Of Edinboro St And Kingston St, Boston, Ma

    Problem: [Constituent is requesting an increase of street lights at the intersection of Edinboro and Kingston as there have been multiple traffic accidents at night due to a lack of adequate lighting.]

    CLOSED #101005163514

    Case Noted. Case printed and issued to night engineer to assess area.

  • Install New Lighting

    222 Providence St, Hyde Park, Ma, 02136

    Problem: [Constituent is requesting a street light as they feel the overpass area is extremely dangerous and dark at night. And it will discourage people from staying there.]

    CLOSED #101005161625

    Case Resolved. 3 Boston lights by this footbridge are working, the footbridge and lightsaimed at it are not Boston maintained lights. 11/20/2023.



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