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  • Construction Debris

    78 Spring Park Ave, Jamaica Plain, Ma, 02130

    Const. owns the property, states someone left a pile of lumber in front of the property between 2pm and 4pm while she was away | Construction debris: [Lumber] Exact location: [Sidewalk]

    CLOSED #101005154425

    Noted. Wood found dumped on sidewalk at location. No evidence of who placed at location unable to issue citation. Sent to DPW for removal.

  • Construction Debris

    187 Dartmouth St, Boston, Ma, 02116

    Const. states scaffolding materials left out on sidewalk in the path of people walking, unclear where it came from | Construction debris: [Scaffolding materials] Exact location: [Sidewalk]

    CLOSED #101005154374

    Resolved. Violation issued.

  • Construction Debris

    Intersection Of Weld Hill St And Hyde Park Ave, Jamaica Plain, Ma

    No walkway for resident.they have to walk in the street. | Construction debris: [Blocking the sidewalk] Exact location: [Sidewalk]

    CLOSED #101005152480

    Noted. No code enforcement violation found at this time there is pathway in between barriers for pedestrians.

  • Construction Debris

    Intersection Of Wallingford Rd And Commonwealth Ave, Brighton, Ma

    Constituents states that for the past few years the owner/owners partner has been collecting the above items and more, blocking access to this alley for residents and emergency vehicles. Concerned about increased rodent activity as well. Requesting ticketing. | Construction debris: [Ladders, broken fences, plow, broken truck with no door and is filled with trash, hot water heaters and more] Exact location: [Alley between Leamington Rd and Wallingford Rd between Comm Ave]

    CLOSED #101005152382

    Resolved. Construction has been removed from location.

  • Construction Debris

    90 Sherrin St, Hyde Park, Ma, 02136

    Property placed construction debris on the curb. | Exact location: [sidewalk]

    CLOSED #101005151797

    Resolved. Ticket has been issued.

  • Construction Debris

    Intersection Of Palace Rd And Longwood Ave, Boston, Ma

    Constrution going on at address noted | Construction debris: [No HP ramps] Exact location: [sidewalk]

    CLOSED #101005149947

    Case Noted. The Contractor has been notified.

  • Construction Debris

    76 Carruth St, 1, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

    can you investigate this property, they are stockpiling a bunch of wood in the backyard and it's been there for a bit and causing rodents- thanks for your attention to this matter | Construction debris: [working on house] Exact location: [back of property]

    CLOSED #101005148535

    Resolved. Violation issued for a cubic yard of construction not stored in barrels or dumpster.

  • Construction Debris

    909 E Broadway, South Boston, Ma, 02127

    Residents have to walk on the street | Construction debris: [Large gravel truck] Exact location: [All work truck parked on the sidewalk]

    CLOSED #101005144160

    Resolved. No code enforcement violation found.

  • Construction Debris

    87 Tonawanda St, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

    Someone put 2 blacks bags with construction material inside of them in front of my honme very early in the morning yesterday. This case #101005137015 was already closed for NOT finding evidence to warrant case. THERE ARE 2 BAGS IN FRONT OF THIS ADDRESS AS OF TODAY (25/2023) | Exact location: [sidewalk]

    CLOSED #101005140952

    Resolved. No evidence found as to who dumped construction on sidewalk. Bags filled with construction have been placed in for collection.

  • Construction Debris

    Intersection Of Public Alley No. 427 And Public Alley No. 428 And Gloucester St, Boston, Ma

    Also a mattress and other various trash | Construction debris: [Flooring materials] Exact location: [At the end of Alley 427]

    CLOSED #101005138626

    Resolved. Violation issued loose trash sent to collections. Please call 311 to schedule mattress pick up.



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  • Construction Debris (Remove)