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  • Item Price Missing

    818 R Huntington Ave, Boston, Ma, 02115

    Constituent states there are multiple items that have no price tags on them and the store clerk rings in the price at the register. Constituent states they are also selling sex toys and is not sure if that is allowed. | Store name/location: [huntington market] When did this happen: [10/30/2023]

    CLOSED #101005147348

    Case Resolved. The store was not priced the inspector dropped off the item pricing law and went over to price the store.

  • Item Price Missing

    226 Washington St, Boston, Ma, 02109

    All | Store name/location: [BNC Market] Details: [All products lacking prices]

    CLOSED #101005088151

    Case Resolved. inspector educated store and dropped off the item pricing law.

  • Item Price Missing

    800 Boylston St, A, Boston, Ma, 02199

    Constituent states she has to pay a fee of $90 to the Weights and Measures division of ISD for Laderach in the Prudential Center. Constituent has been unable to reach Weights and Measures by phone, looking for assistance with making this payment. Invoice number T6888. |

    CLOSED #101005059414

    Case Resolved. spoke to them on the phone.

  • Item Price Missing

    179 Commercial St, Boston, Ma, 02109

    Lays Baked Potato chips | Store name/location: [Golden Goose Market] When did this happen: [09/04/2023] Details: [Constituent states the Lays baked potato chips has a price tag of 4.49 dollars and when it was scanned it came up as 5.59 dollars. Constituent states she asked the counter agent and he just said its what the barcode is ringing up as. Constituent states many issues like this have come up in the past. Constituent still has the receipt and would like to be contacted.]

    CLOSED #101005046777

    Case Resolved. the chips scanned incorrectly. We spoke with the store manager and he is refunding the money.

  • Item Price Missing

    301 Centre St, Jamaica Plain, Ma, 02130

    Constituent reports 10 cent deposit charged on "diet tonic water" but MA deposit is only 5 cents. | Store name/location: [Stop and Shop]

    CLOSED #101005006383

    Case Resolved. there is a .10 cents charge for NH listed on the bottle but MA says .05 cents. When the inspector had the clerk ring them up it showed .05 cents.

  • Item Price Missing

    1660 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester, Ma, 02122

    Constitunet states he was overcharged with an 'Admin Fee' on his receipt after hs purchase on 7/8. | Store name/location: [O'Brien's Market] When did this happen: [07/08/2023]

    CLOSED #101004917300

    Case Resolved. spoke with the manager Tanzilur Shaon. This is a credit card or debit card fee. This fee is allowed to be passed on to the customer. We had the manager put up a sign so customers are aware of the fee they are being charged.

  • Item Price Missing

    483 E Broadway, South Boston, Ma, 02127

    Wrong pricing | Store name/location: [Best Pizza] Product size: [2 large pizza and a large bottle of soda] When did this happen: [05/30/2023] Details: [Giving made up pricing menu ,They have not printed new menu.]

    CLOSED #101004859511

    Case Resolved. the manager is waiting for new menus to arrive we had him get rid of the old menus and put up a board with the correct prices until the menus come in.

  • Item Price Missing

    1795 1799 Commonwealth Ave, Brighton, Ma, 02135

    The constituent states that some items that have prices on them scan as a different price at the register, also reports that many items are without prices. | Store name/location: ["Huntington Market"]

    CLOSED #101004814977

    Case Resolved. Inspector completed inspection at this store and determined that the store was in compliance with item pricing law.

  • Item Price Missing

    450 Melnea Cass Blvd, Roxbury, Ma, 02119

    Constituent reports the store is chargin $.18 cents per each plastic bag, and are not providing paper bag options. | Store name/location: [Tropical Food Supermarket]

    CLOSED #101004753063

    Case Resolved. the store has the proper 3.0 mil plastic bags which they are allowed to use under the ordinance. They do not have to provide a paper bag option. They must charge at least 5 cents but can charge more.

  • Item Price Missing

    100 City Hall Plz, Ste C, Boston, Ma, 02108

    Sunglasses Dior black | Store Location: [Baltini/new york] Product Size: [Small] Detail Information: [I made an online purchase of glasses worth $530.00 which should have arrived 20 days ago but for holidays there were delays and I waited until today my glasses never arrived]

    CLOSED #101004624669

    Case Resolved. you will have to contact the at website or your credit card company. we have no jurisdiction over not receiving an item on line. You would have to contact the Attorney General's office for more guidance at 617-727-2200.



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