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  • Watermain Break

    71 Auckland St, Dorchester, Ma, 02125

    Water squirting from hole in sidewalk. *I called BWSC at 6:20am. They have this issue to be addressed today. |

    CLOSED #101001962609
  • Watermain Break

    Intersection Of Stuart St And Washington St And Kneeland St, Boston, Ma

    BFD reports main break at this intersection, BW& S notified |

    CLOSED #101001960961
  • Watermain Break

    371 Shawmut Ave, Roxbury, Ma, 02118

    Water bubbling from sidewalk. Contacted BWSC @12:28PM |

    CLOSED #101001958882
  • Watermain Break

    Intersection Of Center Plz And Cambridge St, Boston, Ma

    BFD reporting Watermain break at Center plaza. Police and BFD on scene. I have notified BWSC. |

    CLOSED #101001949728
  • Watermain Break

    Intersection Of John F. Fitzgerald Surface Rd And Hanover St, Boston, Ma

    email to reports: "There is a water leak that has been leaking for a few weeks now. It is at the tree pit farthest to the left near that traffic signal on the left hand side of the park entry." |

    CLOSED #101001943070
  • Watermain Break

    Intersection Of West Roxbury Pkwy And Vfw Pkwy, West Roxbury, Ma

    water main break on the West Roxbury Parkway, also called Brookline W&S |

    CLOSED #101001942125
  • Watermain Break

    Intersection Of Massachusetts Ave And Albany St, Roxbury, Ma

    BU police suspect that theres a water main break. Notified BWS |

    CLOSED #101001938988
  • Watermain Break

    80 Dewitt Dr, Mission Hill, Ma, 02120

    Flooding on the street. |

    CLOSED #101001937141
  • Watermain Break

    31 Pilgrim Rd, Boston, Ma, 02215

    Constituent reports believed watermain break on this road, reports water has been bubbling/leaking out of the crest of the road here for 3 days now. |

    CLOSED #101001935178
  • Watermain Break

    Intersection Of Pilgrim Rd And Brookline Ave, Boston, Ma

    Constituent reports there is a possibility of a watermain break at the intersection. |

    CLOSED #101001935085



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